Short & Long-Term:

If you are interested in reviewing or improving your freediving techniques, from equalisation to finning style,  safety awareness skills for supporting a fellow freediver, or for organising and planning your own sessions,  I offer personalised training adapted to your specific needs that will provide you with a suitable fitness or technical freediving regime which you can fit back into your life back at  home.

La Paz is equipt with a 50m Olympic size pool and 20mx20m x4m deep dive pit at our disposal for working general technique, pool disciplines and fitness drills. The dive pit is also a perfect setting for concentrating on equalisation problems, for refining equalisation for depth and for Dynamic No Fins DNF, hypoxic and hypercapnic training workouts.

I run regular Vinyasa style, breath-focussed flow yoga classes twice a day which could be integrated into your training schedule, or for more  freedive specific classes and pranayama,  one on one tuition can be arranged.

Sea-based training days would be worked out on a pre-determined basis also allowing for weather. Training would either be select & one on one , or part of a local group  training session at the time its being run retaining the ability to plan  the training required for each individual.  Boat and training expenses would be calculated accordingly. If the extended training is part of an AIDA structured certified course or courses, the number of sessions would fulfil the necessary pre-requisites and any extras would be considered as separate training days. 

For further information on scheduling and pricing please contact Maria Teresa directly.