Personal Freedive Consulting

Contemporary freediving is becoming one of the most curious sports of the century perhaps, where the top individuals are breaking 100m swimming down through the water column without even the use of fins.

Courses are based on standards set by AIDA (the International Association for the Development of Apnea), the single most advanced educational organisation for breath-hold diving in the world.



There are 4 main levels of courses, before becoming an instructor beginning from basics to mastery and personal coaching, all of which are based on small groups. Although one-on-one tuition is highly recommended, whether taught on an individual basis or not, all the courses remain highly personalised and are taught exclusively with regard to individual needs.

Certification is optional for each of the course levels, accredited through AIDA and is recognised both internationally and by the individual national AIDA organisations.

MT’s long experience in teaching and competing since the very beginnings of formal freedive education to the present day, and her one-on-one personal attention, make her one of the more sought after freediving trainers in the world today.

Her courses are tailored for anyone and everyone and her attitude is a measured one –

  • how to help both new and experienced freedivers become and stay self critical about how they freedive,
  • understanding the elements that make up a freedive during all phases of  training,  and accident prevention and safety.


You will leave here with one of the most rewarding and insightful experiences of a lifetime and which will leave you with a deeper sense of who you are and what you are able to achieve.