A Freediver chooses to look into himself. WHAT ARE YOU IN THIS FOR?

I chose freediving in my life as my passion, one of the ways I found to make my life more human, just one other way to try to better myself. Freediving and Yoga have always been for me a platform of self-enquiry and can serve as a catalyst for change – but for all of us, how much change depends on “how far” we want to go.

Freediving will take you to your edge, a place of heightened awareness and of physical and mental intensity where you will experience either resistance, or expansion, and where you will stop and turn, or move on.

In Freedive-Yoga integrated training you will experience physical and mental limitations, which you can choose to explore moment by moment to either, accept or resist them. For many individuals these limitations, when not physical (in freediving this mostly concerns equalisation), are often fear related, about ourselves and the environment we move in which might initially trigger resistance. We all I think have felt how a life-transforming process of change can begin if a personal limitation is understood and approached wisely, and any resultant physical benefits, such as the ease of a yoga posture, the length of a breath-hold, or the depth of your dive, will simply be the by-product of your practice.

Throughout my teaching I try to encourage as a primary focus in each individual the ability to be truthful to oneself. If you are in this to look inside yourself, then you are here to explore the skills of awareness, mindfulness, flexibility, acceptance and above all humility and in doing so, in the ability to surrender, you will see your “edge” move on!