This introductory freedive experience is about building self- confidence and fun experimentation  and emphasises how to relax and move more comfortably in the water. It will provide you with a knowledge base that is fascinating and creative and you’ll surprise yourself how with just one formal day you will notice a striking difference between how you felt in the water from the time you enter to the time you leave.
At this level the objective is more about sensation and enjoyment than perfect style.
The clinic comprises  a minimal amount of theory, a review of all the disciplines and basic freediving physics and physiology.
An emphasis is given to important life-saving aspects of:
  • safety;
  • how to breathe correctly to prepare for the freedive and how to recover once you have returned to the surface.
These techniques are the corner stone to most everythng that comprises any stage of the freediving curriculum.

1-day –  Private Course price including a session at sea:  $ 250usd 

½-day – Private Course classroom theory & confined water – $150usd

1-day – 2 – to 6 students including a session at sea:  $150usd per person.

½ – day – GROUP classroom theory & confined water – $75usd – $100usd depending on the group size.


Boat expenses included

AIDA 1 Certification optional , $18usd