Freediving is a state of mind.

Studies have shown that although 90% of most sports is mental, most athletes spend only 10% of their time on mental skills and that the higher the level of performance an athlete reaches, the more he or she identifies mental factors as having a positive or negative bearing on performance.

Freedive-Yoga Integrated Training is a system I’ve developed applying physical and mental
skills, in a format which help facilitate learning by internalizing the unique movements of both to
enable you to transition more effectively from land-based to sea-based training.

15 years of experience in my own yoga practice and equal amount of years of teaching
freediving at all levels, have given me the tools to be able to apply an innovative and therapeutic form of freedive-yoga directly into your training program and to individualize programs for athletes within the team setting, targeting interventions to their specific needs in order to maximize their performance capacity.

Freedive-Yoga Integrated Training works with physical posture and breath control to
improve body awareness, muscle memory, and mental calm. My experience in cutting-edge
freediving breathing techniques drawn primarily from pranayama and Raja yoga practices will
help you focus internally, and “shut down” the game when necessary.

For the more advanced athletes the goal of individualized Freedive –Yoga Integrated
Training is to improve their performance pyramid, which has a foundation in functional mobility, in order to build functional skill development and as a result functional performance.