Due to the rapid increase in depths achieved by many new athletes in the last couple of yearsin particular there has been a radical increase recently in pressure related problems especially to the diaphragm and lungs, ( pulmonary and thoracic barotrauma), the upper respiratory tract (tracheal squeeze), and the ear, (burst or perforated tympanic membrane), either because ofover-stretching during dry-phase training, or because of the “rush” for depth without allowing time for physiological adaptation for that depth. Equally as damaging can be the effects of overloading a training programme.

All these factors can be a serious impediment to graduated breath-hold and depth improvement and as a result stress reduction and injury prevention are becoming key components to performance enhancement.

By using physical techniques derived from Vini yoga therapy that look at alignment, and
innovative isometrics that help increase flexibility in key muscle groups and joints to improve
range of motion and correct imbalances in movement, I work closely together with my clients
to improve, for example, posture in the water and finning technique, and use Kundalini yoga
derived breathing techniques to work safely towards a measured progression in diaphragm

The main areas of focus include:

  • Core Body Awareness Retraining
  • Essential Diaphragm stretches & related breathing programme
  • Balancing work and foot alignment to counteract pronation, supination, and knee strain
  • Quadriceps, Hamstrings and Hip Flexors
  • Shoulder-Pectoral Junction

Yoga postures, (asana), and yoga based breathing exercises, (pranayama), are powerful,
easy to learn, and portable methods of attaining peak performance and regular practice, when
integrated with a current training schedule, will improve your mental and physical game.