There are only a few dedicated AIDA Instructor Trainers in the world who are responsible for training new instructors and by remaining only as one or two in each AIDA national country the  intention is to maintain a rigorous selection criteria to keep those high standards. Other subsidiary freedive organisations or SCUBA schools that have developed a system of cross-over adapated courses will not meet those criteria, or will have established different instructor levels determined by the level of the course being taught.  In the AIDA system there is only ONE passing level of first level Instructor who will have had to meet all the pre-requisites of depth and teaching skills.

Maria Teresa is the ONLY Instructor Trainer in Mexico and one only of two or three on the American continent. She is able to qualify all levels of AIDA courses as well as Instructors, as well as being one of the more experienced deep Freedive Safety Team members during the SUUNTO 2012, Vertical Blue World Championships as well as acting safety team trainer for the Caribbean Cup, Roatan, 2013. She is also a qualified AIDA International Judge.


Instructor Courses


(AIDA combined Advanced course and Instructor course information and dates to be announced shortly)