Custom Freedive 3 (AIDA ***)

This course continues a freediver’s training to a comfort level beyond the depths of simple snorkeling and to grow the confidence of an already adept freediver towards a new discovery of his or her potential.

Under her close supervision and working closely in buddy pairs MT encourages you to experience every moment of breath-hold safely and with the confidence of your newly acquired skills. At this level freediving becomes a far more complete program suitable for the more skilled and curious freediver who recognizes the importance of the relationship between himself, his freedive partner and the environment he is playing in.

The same skills as in courses 1 and 2 are                                                                       reviewed but with ever increasing attention to detail                                                                               from planning a freedive session and organizing equipment,                                                  to safety procedures, surface rescue and rescue at depth,                                            competent buddying skills and the principles of training.


The course covers

  • freedive physics and physiology,
  • the Mammalian Dive reflex,
  • the effects of pressure and depth in training.  There are both
  • confined water skills for increasing static breath-hold, and dynamic apnea;
  • the theory of improved hydrodynamics, i.e. 20% propulsion and 80% streamlining.
  • 4 open water freedive skill development sessions
  • deep water skills and rescue.


As there are so many perfect opportunities to experience more about the underwater life of the Sea of Cortez this is the course where those skills can be perfectly balanced with the enjoyment of the deep water environment.



Any freediver wishing to take this course must be certified as an AIDA ** freediver or certified freediver from any of the other certification bodies, and must be able to demonstrate regular comfortable descents to 25m with good equalizing skills.


Course price for one student:  $680US.   2 – 4  to students : $480US per person

AIDA 3 Certification: $30 usd, if required

Boat Fees not included.