Custom Freedive 2 (AIDA ** )    or Custom Freedive 1 & 2   (AIDA * & **)

This course is designed to be an development of the skills acquired in the introduction to freediving but is also a perfect revision of technique for students who are already more confident and relaxed in the water or who have had some limited freediving experience but lack formal training in those skills. Maria Teresa  is a master of scrutiny and will overhaul  your technique, correct bad finning habits and equalisation, train appropriate preparation and recovery breathing to avoid surface stress, and will look at equipment use and misuse.

This course will bring everyone entering at this level to a point where the set points of safety procedures, stress reduction, problems and hazards are all understood.




The three-day  course includes

  •  a minimum of 2 depth sessions determined by each freediver’s ability, where the freediver  must be able to demonstrate regular comfortable descents to a minimum of 18m,
  •  several sessions of quiet relaxed Static breath-hold and Dynamic movement breath-holds,
  • an introduction to pulling down the line, (Free Immersion), and finning (Constant Weight).
  • Safety and buddy procedures are accentuated throughout.


Course price for one person:  $600US.   For 2-4 people : $400US per person.

Boat Fees not included.

AIDA 2 Certification Fees $30USD,  if required