Custom Freedive 1   (AIDA*)

This is a day introduction to basic Freediving, designed for the complete beginner. It aims to help an aspiring snorkeler develop the skills and knowledge necessary to enjoy freediving safely within the limits of his or her experience. The course specifically works on increasing confidence levels in the water and emphasizes that to be a good freediver does not necessarily mean you have to be a deep freediver!

  • Correct breathing  preparation , understanding breath-hold, and surface recovery breaths.
  • Improves self control, and more confidence underwater                              resulting in longer breath hold dives
  • Teaches understanding of working with a buddy                         and basic rescue procedures
  • Safe breath-hold diving.




1-day –  One person course price:  $ 250usd         2 to 6 students: $150usd per person.

AIDA 1 – Certification fee: $18USD, optional.

Boat Fees not included