Custom FREEDIVE 4 (AIDA****)


This 5 day course is really the beginning of the mind-game in freediving; and reflects the saying, “a true freediver dives into himself”.

The skill levels already achieved in previous courses will enable you to be able to relax more during the dive. By this stage you will be less dependent on mechanical skills and much more sensitive to being aware of your body and breath in the water.

Techniques to be refined:

  • a comfort level in breath-hold that focuses                              on relaxation
  • the “GLIDE” as the easy phase”,
  • advanced equalsation techniques and the                             “mouthfill” for deep diving
  • dive safety with deep rescue                                               & safety partner work.


Over the days of the course you will be encouraged to stretch daily, and do light breath-hold practice using specific yogic breath-work techniques.

You will be able to feel your breath-hold capability and in-water movement better, and you will be more attuned to releasing the effects of pressure on your body through relaxation techniques and mental controls.

Individual training sessions will be devised for each student according to their needs and potential so that before you leave you will have a professional program for effective freedive progression.

The open water freedive sessions use a fixed line and counterweight with its lanyard safety system and a maximum depth of  35m , to be demonstrated in with relative ease and consistency.

Course price for one student:  $980usd.                           2 – 4  students : $750US per person.

Boat Fees not included.

AIDA 4 Certification : $30usd optional